Journal of Modern Oncology

Theoretical and practical publication

Journal of Modern Oncology
(Sovremennaya onkologiya) 

The Journal of Modern Oncology (Sovremennaya Onkologiya) is a peer-reviewed, open-access periodical that since 1999 serves the interests of oncologists.

Peer-reviewed theoretical and practical Journal of Modern Oncology is published since 1999 in 5000 copies, volume of about 80 pages of format А4. The journal has been included into the List of periodical scientific and technical publications issued in the Russian Federation where basic scientific results of doctoral thesis should be published. The territory of dissemination of the journal: Russian Federation, countries of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and other foreign countries. 

This periodical publishes papers of scientists and practitioners-oncologists and clinical pharmacologist not only from Russia as well as from the near and far abroad. The journal publishes articles on modern methods of diagnostics and treatment. The journal is issued regularly with periodicity 4 issues a year. At the present time the journal has acquired wide recognition and popularity among specialists.

The journal is disseminated among doctors and researchers working on oncology, modern methods of diagnostics and treatment, officials and specialists of agencies of healthcare of regions of Russian Federation and other foreign countries, Research Institutes; across medical institutions and research centers; into central libraries; by subscription; into all medical libraries.

The "Journal of Modern Oncology" is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to providing the very latest information both in clinical and translational research fields related to a wide range of topics in oncology. 

The journal publishes editorial conference updates, original research, reviews, clinical case reports, commentaries, clinical and laboratory observations by Russian and international authors, pertinent to readers in CIS countries and around the world.

The Journal emphasizes vigorous peer-reviewing and accepts papers in Russian and English with most rapid turnaround time possible from submission to publication. Abstracts for all papers are available in both languages.

Special area focus/ journal sections:

  •  Diagnosis of cancer
  •  Tumors of the respiratory system
  •  Ovarian and cervical tumors
  •  Tumors of the digestive tract
  •  Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy of tumors
  •  Quality of life of patients
ISSN 1815-1434 (print)

ISSN 1815-1442 (online)


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